Hackers’ New Threat to Elite Class

A cryptic message popped up on the Bilderberg Meetings’ website recently. The website previously displayed information about the meetings. Bilderberg’s Website Cryptically Ta ... Leggi Altro

Facebook VR Exec Arrested In Sting

Oh no, that sucks! According to charging documents, 38 year old Facebook VR Executive “Dov Katz” was arrested by Seattle Police on December 23rd. He was arrested in a sting op ... Leggi Altro

The Best Pro-Trump Advertisement

The very best pro-Trump advertisement… a 4 minute compilation of clips with voice-over, playing “Seven Nation Army” in the background. Unfortunately, “The White Stripes” ... Leggi Altro

What The Liberal Really Means #1

@realDonaldTrump Honestly, as the President-elect of the United States, this is one of your worst tweets. — Cody Johnston (@drmistercody) December 16, 2016 “Honestly, as the P ... Leggi Altro

Trump’s 10 best tweets

In no particular order, here are 10 of Donald Trump’s most iconic and savage tweets. 10. Retweeting “You Can’t Stump the Trump volume 4” "@codyave: @drudgereport @Breitba ... Leggi Altro

Coverup of alleged PizzaGate?

Rumors stemming from Reddit clone, Voat, have been suggesting that John Podesta, who is heavily involved in the PizzaGate conspiracy, was spotted in R-Devin Nunes office on Capito ... Leggi Altro

Have we found the hacker?

Do we even know, who is this 4chan? Well, rumor has it that we have finally found this system administrator. He just ran this password app. But what can we do to not have this kin ... Leggi Altro

Trumplings falling like flies…

Yes, it is true. America got conned and Trump’s supporters are dropping now that they’ve realized that Trump is a scam. This is put very well into words by Reddit user /u/Luvk ... Leggi Altro

Nuove professione: balloon artist

L'Italia è la patria dei mestieri antichi e della tradizione. Spesso e volentieri l'Italia è la sede delle novità nel mondo del lavoro, a volte mutuati da altre nazioni, a vo ... Leggi Altro

Apple Pay: Pagare con l’iPhone

Apple ha annunciato insieme ai nuovi iPhone 6 pochi giorni fa un nuovo sistema di pagamento, che si propone di rivoluzionare, semplificandolo, il ‘vecchio di 50 anni’ siste ... Leggi Altro

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